Watch: Shaq Freestyles, Calls out Dwight Howard

shaq shaquille o neal

Well, here’s a Wednesday treat. Beloved baller and oversized personality Shaquille O’Neal aggressively freestyle rapped for a camera. I shouldn’t have to say a word more, but the lyrics are included below. Dwight Howard, you’ve been called out. Enjoy.

Mess around with these, you get devoured.

We’re sending yo mama the limo and the flowers.

What I look like, I ain’t even got no car.

Don’t you ever call me Chamberlain,

Don’t you ever call me Jabbar.

Like I said before, you will get devoured.

But don’t you ever call me…Dwight Howard.

Ask that boy LeBron.

Who the hell is the real Supermon?

I let me rings do the talking.

And as you see, these talk quite often.

Who the best of the best?

I was born with the S.

  • Tom

    Great stuff. Big Shaq Diesel…. bout to piss off a lotta people