Outside Lands 2012 Roadtrip #3: Redwoods, Wild Elk and the Bay

redwoods roadtrip

 Following Outside Lands 2012 Roadtrip chapters #1 and #2, we arrived into the unbelievably awe-inspiring Redwoods of Northern California. Contrary to popular belief, the area is not one national park, but a series of national and state parks that stretches for hours down Highway 101. Well done, conservation committees. After cruising past the area where the Ewok scens of Star Wars were filmed, we pulled up the Prairie Creek State Park. There’s a location here where Jurassic Park was shot. And there’s a pack of Wild Elk. Unsure weather we’d be able to make it out by dark, we rocketed through the backroads to make it to the coast line just in time for sunset.

outside lands roadtrip

elk prairie creek
Fighting the fading light, we marched past a group of four massive male elks and made our way to Fern Canyon–where scenes of Jurassic Park were filmed. Essentially, it’s a twenty to thirty foot wide canyon with at least 60 foot cliffs. The canyon walls are completely covered in ferns and a creek runs through the canyon floor. A perfect spot for exploration if your companions aren’t scared lil babies afraid of velociraptors. Anyhow, we made a short-lived hike up the canyon and headed out. We gave some hitchhikers a ride out of the park at dusk and spent the night in the cheapest motel in Eureka, CA. You know it’s sketchy when there’s a security guard patrolling outside your door.

redwoods curtain disc golf
In the AM we made our way up to Redwoods Curtain Disc Golf Course, a crazy pretty course smack dab in the middle of a redwood grove. Ushering in a unprecedented era of dominance on the course, I zipped a 60 yard shot weaving through monstrous redwoods to bury a birdie and the competition. Anyhow, we made our way down through the famous Avenue of the Giants and out of Redwood Country. Mendocino and the wine country were a baking 104 degrees so we hopped in a ridiculously refreshing, milky blue river off Highway 101 before descending into the bay for some damn good macaroni and cheese at Oakland’s Homeroom. If you ever get the chance, go.