Exclusive Stream: Kithkin’s “Peacock”

steam kithkin peacock

Earlier this spring, I joined in on a discussion panel at Boise’s Treefort Festival regarding “music media”. We bantered about the dissolving relationships between “traditional” music media outlets & artists and the ever-emerging symbiosis between blogs & indie artists. From my view, the latter offers splendid, incredibly interactive and promising new grounds as “reviews” and “critiques” give way to two-way street collaboration. Now, this is a round-about way of me re-introducing a band that I’ve had the pleasure to watch and write about from their near-beginnings to current date, all the while learning more about the point of this site’s existence–discovering awesome bands making great music.

I first encountered Kithkin when my own band attempted (unsuccessfully) to play a joint gig with them in Seattle. Since then, their early house shows have become local lore, they made a name for themselves at EMP’s Sound Off! 2011, roused 206’s beautiful Neptune Theatre while opening for Los Campesinos!, their Takers & Leavers EP topped KEXP’s charts and earned sets at Capitol Hill Block Party and Doe Bay Festival. Oh, and they haven’t even put out a full length LP yet. For more insight on the influences behind the group’s rowdily raucous, bursting-at-the-binds, extremely enthused, psychedelic jungle-rock, check out their playlist they made for us. But that’s enough out of a me. Here’s a word on Kithkin’s new single “Peacock” and the track itself.

The demo of Kithkin’s new single was recorded in the hollowed out corpse of a giant peacock, found lying in the middle of an undisclosed Cascadian rainforest during one of Kithkin’s routine bi-weekly Mystick Expeditions. Seeing the freakishly mighty beast rotting on the forest floor—its colorful feathers fading in the muck—Kithkin reflected on the fleetingness of power, the destruction of the ego, and humanity’s impending doom. The spirit of the colossal dead peacock whispered the tune of this new song to Kithkin, who then crafted it into a hot summer hit.

“Peacock” Kithkin

Upcoming Kithkin Live Dates
July 22
| Capitol Hill Block Party | Vera State @ 4PM | Seattle, WA
August 9-12 |  Doe Bay Festival | Orcas Island, WA