Download: Tame Impala “Elephant” (Canyons Wooly Mammoth Version)

tame impala elephant

Tame Impala’s new Lonerism album is one of the finest of the year, and single “Elephant” deserves it’s real estate on the record. Recently “Elephant” got it’s own video. Today fellow Aussies Canyons released their own remix version, aptly titled the “Wooly Mammoth Version”, which you can download for the price of an email. This version is longer, drawn out, spacier and feels fit for a zened out dancehall. The vocals don’t come in for several minutes, then Kevin Parker’s voice soars over the electronic background. Lonerism is out 10/9 on Modular. Check out the excellent other single “Apocalypse Dreams” while you’re at it. Also, the Erol Aklan remix of Tame Impala’s “Why Don’t You Make Up Your Mind?” is worth checkin out.


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