100,000 Human Visits: Thank You

apes on tape 100k
Almost two years ago exactly, I started a brand new website called “Apes on Tape” in a hostel in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s been a strange, wild, weird and incredible ride since then as I’ve felt out what the hell AoT is supposed to be. And moreover, it’s been phenomenal to have people join the train during the past two years. Last night, we had our 100,000th human visitor. That blows my mind. I don’t even know what 100,000 humans look like in one spot, except for the Rose Bowl above.

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank every one who’s read Apes on Tape, spread the word on Apes on Tape, contributed to AoT, and swung by as one of those 100,000. It’s been wonderful to watch positive responses to this site. Better yet, we have a really cool 100k celebration party coming up. Watch for an announcement this week.

Thank You

  • Andrew

    you done good kid! way to go after something

    • nick

      Thanks, Andrew!

  • RyanC

    Thanks, Nick!!