The worthy listens of Apes on Tape is dedicated to celebrating the greatest albums of the past several decades. One of the greatest joys of being a music fan is discovering new tunes. While our current music culture is consumed with “the next big thing”, there are actually one or two good albums from the past. Thus, the Worthy Listens section. We hope you find something new from these old gems.

6 thoughts on “Worthy Listens

  1. Independent Worm Saloon by the Butthole Surfers
    Before the Butthole Surfers hit the mainstream with the 1996 release of their single ‘Pepper’, these guys put out this hard acid rock CD back in 1993. In a time where grunge dominated the wavelengths and Guns N’ Roses finished one of the longest tours in rock history, the Butthole Surfers were still out there doing their thing at clubs and small venues instead of bitching about being produced or trying to get as big as they could. They just messed with distortion and vocals, played some killer riffs and rocked the fuck outta this album.

  2. Lonesome Crowded West Modest Mouse
    In my opinion this is the best Indie Rock genre album ever made. It is routinely put into top 50 or 100 whatever lists. This is the second release from MM. Coming out in late 97′ every song seems like a masterpiece. With Jeremiah Green keeping a locomotive-like beat, Isaac Brock slaying the guitar in a whole new way, and Eric Judy seamlessly sewing the other two together on bass, instrumentally they are perfect. All of this said, the best part of the whole album and Modest Mouse in general is the philosophy of Isaac. Using tricky metaphors, and sayings he is able to put thoughts of an entire generation into something palpable. More than words, an understanding.

    1. I would have to agree with Ryan on his opinion. Though, I’d like to think that an opinion so correct is more a statement, to be lost forever in Anals of time. The Album we are discussing makes its way into a persons life like sweet love in early spring. It would seem that something divine has chosen it to play at that moment you first here it. Like the moment you cram it in her on that cool spring evening and the in-out-in-out begins, what perfect timing. Subtle and explosive in lyrical content, Isaac puts words in a glass jar, thrusts them into the night sky, and illuminates them with the light of the stars. This album is timeless, still touching me somewhere deep all these years later. Living in the Northwest it is undeniable that indie rock is influenced by the seasons, “polar opposite” at times, like the human mind in so many ways. Modest Mouse seems to make their sound to fit the northwest swagger, ever changing and unique.

  3. Live at the Roxy by Social Distortion
    This is hands down just a classic kick ass punk album. Recorded and released in 1998, it contains all the Social D classics including “Mommy’s Little Monster” and “Story of my Life” as well as some oldie covers, “Under my Thumb” and “Ring of Fire.” The live recording at the classic Sunset Strip local the Roxy really make this album punk, as it includes all the banter from lead singer Mike Ness, including rants about social stigmatisms and clit piercings. Check it out.

  4. Together/Apart by Grieves
    This is an indie hip-hop album by a musician based out of the Northwest. He is along the lines of the Blue Scholars and Common Market style. A lot of his beats are produced by Budo, who produces for many artists in the Northwest. This album has a kinda funky yet laid back feel. Something you can bob your head lightly too. This album goes to show you a lyrically conscious representation of Grieves thoughts and feelings. Good shit for a debut album

  5. Sam’s Town The Killers
    The Killers exploded in 2004 with “Hot Fuss” which was a great album and obviously got and still gets a lot of play. However, the follow up “Sam’s Town” is the bees knees for me at least. You can hear in the lyrics a morman (Brandon Flowers) has emerged into the crazy world of rock star and is trying to cope. Other than the real hit “When You Were Young’ its been kinda forgotten but tracks like “This River is Wild” and “For Reasons Unknown” are awesome arena rock with sweet lyrical bits reminding you that, “It’s good to have you with us even if it’s just for day.”

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