Watch: Peaking Lights “Dreambeat” video

peaking lights dreambeat video
Peaking Lights dropped their new album Lucifer earlier this summer. Single “Beautiful Son” arrived early and it’s got an accompanying video. Now track “Dreambeat” has a new video as well. It features one grade-A gorgeous girl waltzing around New York, from Coney Island to b-boy dance parties. I, for one, would not mind taking this journey with her. Also, apparently the video was backed by Urban Outfitter dollars. Way to go, Peaking Lights for making that happen.

Watch: Peaking Lights’ “Beautiful Son” video

peaking lights beautiful son
I’ve always wondered how Peaking Lights’ band life changed once they had their new son, Mikko. They are an extremely psychedelic band and one who’ve noted their dual initials spell “A.C.I.D.”. Anyhow, we’re learnig the answer to that question as they’ve named a track of their new album Lucifer as a reference to him. They’ve included him in band photos (see above) and now they’ve included Mikko in their space-exploration filled new video for “Beautiful Son“. I bet Mikko’s gonna be one sweet dude in a few decades. And read our interview with Peaking Lights.

Stream: Peaking Lights “Lucifer” album

stream peaking lights lucifer
Stream: Peaking Lights’ “Lucifer” album

Yesterday, Peaking Lights’ “Beautiful Son’ was featured on Apes on Tape. It’s a track off their upcoming, third LP Lucifer. Today, that album became available for full streaming. Cruise right on over here to give the whole thing a listen. And read our interview with Peaking Lights.

Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Listen: Peaking Lights “Beautiful Son”

peaking lights beautiful son
Listen: Peaking Light's "Beautiful Son"

Peaking Lights have delivered a new track titled “Beautiful Son”, an ode to their one year old son Mikko. Stream the breezy, laid-back song with Indra’s lovely melodies complemented by bluesy guitar and check out our interview with Peaking Lights. “Beautiful Son” is off Peaking Lights’ new album Lucifer which is out 6/19 on Mexican Summer.

SXSW 2012 Preview: Peaking Lights

SXSW 2012 Preview: Peaking Lights

Madison, WI husband & wife duo Aaron Coyne and Indra Dunis (A.C.I.D. as they’ve noted) have an unusual way of going about music-making. Aaron uses old consumer electronics, manipulates the circuits and creates psychedelic, soaring, drone tones to accompany Indra’s vocals. The ultimate product is a unique brand of krautrock meets reggae meets sunshine psychedelia. Read our interview with Peaking Lights, watch their video for “Hey Sparrow” and listen to “All The Sun That Shines” below. See their SXSW schedule here.