Watch: Peaking Lights “Dreambeat” video

peaking lights dreambeat video
Peaking Lights dropped their new album Lucifer earlier this summer. Single “Beautiful Son” arrived early and it’s got an accompanying video. Now track “Dreambeat” has a new video as well. It features one grade-A gorgeous girl waltzing around New York, from Coney Island to b-boy dance parties. I, for one, would not mind taking this journey with her. Also, apparently the video was backed by Urban Outfitter dollars. Way to go, Peaking Lights for making that happen.

Watch: Peaking Lights’ “Beautiful Son” video

peaking lights beautiful son
I’ve always wondered how Peaking Lights’ band life changed once they had their new son, Mikko. They are an extremely psychedelic band and one who’ve noted their dual initials spell “A.C.I.D.”. Anyhow, we’re learnig the answer to that question as they’ve named a track of their new album Lucifer as a reference to him. They’ve included him in band photos (see above) and now they’ve included Mikko in their space-exploration filled new video for “Beautiful Son“. I bet Mikko’s gonna be one sweet dude in a few decades. And read our interview with Peaking Lights.

Stream: Peaking Lights “Lucifer” album

stream peaking lights lucifer

Stream: Peaking Lights’ “Lucifer” album

Yesterday, Peaking Lights’ “Beautiful Son’ was featured on Apes on Tape. It’s a track off their upcoming, third LP Lucifer. Today, that album became available for full streaming. Cruise right on over here to give the whole thing a listen. And read our interview with Peaking Lights.

Peaking Lights – All The Sun That Shines from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Listen: Peaking Lights “Beautiful Son”

peaking lights beautiful son

Listen: Peaking Light's "Beautiful Son"

Peaking Lights have delivered a new track titled “Beautiful Son”, an ode to their one year old son Mikko. Stream the breezy, laid-back song with Indra’s lovely melodies complemented by bluesy guitar and check out our interview with Peaking Lights. “Beautiful Son” is off Peaking Lights’ new album Lucifer which is out 6/19 on Mexican Summer.

SXSW 2012 Preview: Peaking Lights


SXSW 2012 Preview: Peaking Lights

Madison, WI husband & wife duo Aaron Coyne and Indra Dunis (A.C.I.D. as they’ve noted) have an unusual way of going about music-making. Aaron uses old consumer electronics, manipulates the circuits and creates psychedelic, soaring, drone tones to accompany Indra’s vocals. The ultimate product is a unique brand of krautrock meets reggae meets sunshine psychedelia. Read our interview with Peaking Lights, watch their video for “Hey Sparrow” and listen to “All The Sun That Shines” below. See their SXSW schedule here.

Peaking Lights “Hey Sparrow” video


Watch Peaking Lights' "Hey Sparrow" video

Madison, WI duo Peaking Lights delivered one of our favorite albums of 2011 with 936. Check out Aaron Coynes & Indra Dunis’ brand of psychedelic, spacey, krautrock jams if you haven’t listened yet. And the Fader’s got some pretty great Peaking Lights remixes too. Anyhow, the duo has released a new video for track “Hey Sparrow” off of 936. The video is directed by Cam Archer. Check it out below, as well as our interview with Indra of Peaking Lights.

Dedicated DIY’ers: An Interview with Peaking Lights


Aaron Coyes & Indra Dunis of Peaking Lights

Amidst the sea of chillwave, home recordings swamping the blogosphere in the past few years Madison, WI duo Aaron Coyes & Indra Dunis stand above the pack. Indra & Aaron, better known as Peaking Lights, have crafted a unique brand of music that may share lo-fi, DIY, reverbed traits with their peers, however their creative employment of second hand consumer electronics and vintage analog gear from decades past is quite unique. Additionally, their ability to yield said gear is coupled with a terrific creative knack for sprawling, expansive, experimental soundscapes that ultimately bore this years’ stellar 936 album. Indra chatted with us about the album, the lifestyle her and Aaron lived during its creation and their influences.

AOT: You came together after your previous band Numbers broke up.  Can you explain how you and Aaron came together and decided to pursue this project?

ID: We started dating about a year before Numbers ended, and would jam together occasionally… Then Aaron started Rahdunes with his buddy Nate Archer and I would sit in with them sometimes on drums. After Numbers I continued to play with Rahdunes until Aaron and I left California in 2008 for the deep winter vibes of Wisconsin. When we got here, it was a major culture shock since we arrived in January in the middle of record breaking snow falls. We spent a lot of time indoors, and it was natural that we started jamming together in our little apartment that winter, quietly, because we had neighbors. We wrote these eerie psyched out pop tunes and recorded them on a crappy portable tape player. Shawn Reed released that tape, Clearvoiant, on his label Night People and that was the beginning!

AOT: There is a whole range of styles coming through in your new album 936, how did you guys reach a mutual sound? Were there particular influences you tried to recreate or styles you sought after?

ID: Our sound has evolved since we started. At first I was coming from a more pop structured song writing background, and Aaron was really into psych noise dub improv jams. So when we began playing together I learned to loosen up and improvise more, while still adding the pop and rhythmic elements that I love. Aaron makes his own modular synths, so jamming on those really broke down my ideas of what music had to sound like, and it was a cool challenge to try and write stuff integrating noisier sounds. We played around with the idea of “fucked pop” music on our first full length record, Imaginary Falcons, but it was pretty psyched out and much of it improvised. We also started getting into composing and recording rhythm and bass or keyboard back tracks, and playing live over them. That just evolved as we got obsessed with dub (the 2nd dark winter we watched “Rockers” every night for 12 days in a row!) and afro beat, and early techno and disco stuff. Aaron is a deep cuts finder, and is always scoring records at thrift stores and old record shops to dj. Lots of stuff to be inspired by. I think we are inspired by a lot of styles of music, whether we realize it or not.

AOT: You’ve certainly created a very experimental, non-linear style of music. Are you big fans Krautrock? Did Can, Amon Düül and the like play a large role in the development of your personal tastes?

ID: You nailed it – we totally love Krautrock! Kraftwerk, Can, and Amon Duul II are some of my favorite bands.



AOT: Noticed on your Fbook that your fans of Mac Dre and MF Doom, are you big hip-hop fans? If so, any chance you caught Odd Future’s ridiculous performance on Jimmy Fallon last week?

ID: We lived in the Bay Area for over a decade and of course love hip hop from there – and hip hop in general. Living in Wisconsin is weird though, because there’s no hip hop radio stations at all! Just pop stations that play the hits – so I feel like I miss a lot when we’re driving around in the car. I always used to listen to wild 94.9!

AOT: I’m trying to find out where Spring Green, CA is, seems it’s either near Sacramento or between Redding and Reno. Either way, those both seem to have limited music markets, so how did you guys work around that to earn the exposure you now have? Or am I completely wrong on the geography or perhaps you haven’t lived there in years…?

ID: Spring Green, CA is a fictional place where we live. We lived in Spring Green, WI for a couple years – which is out in the boonies. We rented an amazing Frank Lloyd Wright style house with a barn on the side of a wooded hill…it had this incredible view of prairies and trees, and we could walk to the Wisconsin River to go swimming. It was awesome and cheap because we were in the middle of nowhere. But then the winter came and the roads iced over, and the heat barely worked and the mice took over. We thought if we could move this place to California it would be perfect. [Read more...]