New Artist: For All The Girls

New Artist: For All The Girls

One of the day-to-day routines of running a *music bL0G* is filtering through a flooded email inbox of 7,000 press releases. On any given day, probably about .9% are releases worth handling. The other portion consists of hYpEd uP, vapid-jargon filled, standard issue releases of bands that are “CHANGING THE FUCKING WORLD” and “PACKING STADIUMS”. Anyhow, I bring this up to illustrate that when a quality release comes in, it’s refreshing. Enter: For All Girls.

A few months back, I received an email from one “Damien Fairchild”: a supposed 13 year old writing love songs to all the girls he had loved/is loving. Nevermind that both parties knew this was not true (via: the voice in the songs being far removed from puberty and the figures in the videos certainly not looking 13). “Damien” stuck to the act, down to the details of his Mom hounding him on homework. Gimmickry aside, Damien actually was crafting quality tunes under the moniker of “For All The Girls”. Each song was in fact dedicated to a different girl. So hats off to Damien for shaking the jaded cobwebs off his former music-making, re-inventing himself and giving me something refreshing and enjoyable. I recommend you listen.

So here are two tracks for you to dip your toes with. The first is “Valerie”, somewhat of a Flaming Lips style, slow, ambling, acoustic ballad mixed with electronic elements and electric guitar chit-chattery. Next is the video for track “Yvonne” (notice: Damien stuck with the Ode to Girls theme).

For more For All The Girls tracks check the Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.